Date Tags Project

NB: This project no longer works, as I no longer have the database back-end that it relied on. I am hoping to rectify this in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I've been a fan of Google's "Are you feeling lucky" button for a while. As I'm sure you know, you type in a search, and it takes you straight to the first result for that search.

However, it still needs you to know roughly what you want to see. One day, I was bored on the internet, and it struck me how great an "I'm feeling lucky" button would be that didn’t require any user input. You would just be taken to a random site on the internet. This is why I made Are You Feeling Lucky. You can just click the button, and be taken to a random site. If you like, you can specify the number of words to be randomly chosen, or include words that you want to be in the query for sure.


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