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President Trump
Wed 09 November 2016 :
Thing Explainer Short Story
Mon 07 December 2015 :

Writing a short story subject to extremely arbitrary rules

Musing on European Elections
Thu 22 May 2014 :

Today is the European Elections in the UK, and (to my mild surprise) a lot of election-related hashtags are trending on Twitter. However, a lot of people still seem rather apathetic about voting. This voter apathy is far less justifiable in the European Elections than UK domestic elections (though frankly is unacceptable in either case), simply because of the voting system used, which is proportional representation

Royal Twins
Wed 05 December 2012 :

How likely are royal twins, really?

Mon 09 January 2012 :

Derren Brown and Random Numbers - or lack thereof.

Sat 31 December 2011 :

Where I take some time off.

Once more, with feeling
Wed 24 August 2011 :

A disjointed narrative, but not without reason.

To date
Fri 27 May 2011 :

Magic, mystery and elegance

Old Spice
Wed 14 July 2010 :

Viral media at work

A Brief Respite
Tue 22 December 2009 :
Sun 06 September 2009 :